Muscle Graft Surgery! Painfree
Nothing has a lasting effect. Botox gave me 2 months relief but $$$$
we solved malocclusion and the problem between posture & tmj disorders
Family and friends
Chiari decompression surgery
GNM Orthotic treatment
My hot water bottle always provides me some relief
Family support
PNS Implant in the left side of my face with wires connected to V1 and V2. Plus a doctor who didn't tell me I was crazy, although quite a few did
Fentanyl gel patches(Activas brand), Oxycondone, Promethazine, VALUIM, Topamax, hydroxizine, Soma, Adderall, Norflex, Dilaudid
Got on a 1500 mg sodium a day diet
Diet - Removing foods thats where toxic to my body
Support from my husband
Having my MM card has changed my life
Medical Marijuana
I am still looking
My GNM Dentist Dr. Chris Molhner in Beaufort, SC has helped me tremendously.
Extremely Knowledgeable & Caring Dentist with a CaT Scan in-house to assess Joint Condition/Deterioration & Position in Joint space
Having a total replacement of my right TMJ has made a huge difference to my life
Correct medication
having a doctor that prescribes bioidentical hormones, herbal remedies and thorough lab work.
i have yet to find what is going to work for me. Medications wise. We are doubling my Remicade to 10 mg this week.
botox/lidocaine/marcaine injections
Midodrine. puts a floor under my BP, which also reduces overreaction to very high bp.
Symptoms started a year after having 2 new crowns
I found out I also have Celiac disease and going off of gluten makes things more bearable.
Positive Mental Attitude
Getting ctoma removed is #1 option :)
Being downsized and forced not to work over 40+ hours every week has resulted in reduced pain.
Vipassana Meditation
Having a great physical therapist
Anti inflammatory diet
My husband who is my best friend and fulltime carer.
My husband has been my supporter and my voice
Home health care , IV hydration, Vitamin Bags
Essential Oil Blends for Anxiety/Muscle Pain have helped me a lot.
Getting a diagnosis explaines so much
Accepting who I am.
Le Fort 1 Surgery helped for about 9 months
Pain medication - oxy and fentynal
TENS unit
Mindbody Medicine ( MBSR training aka yoga and meditation)
Naproxen250mg tramadol
NSAIDs give me relief until they make my stomach hurt.