Diagnósticar a Síndrome de tourette
Playing guitar
Swimming and diving
Coming Out Gay
Singing reduces my tics almost completely!
Being dignosed helped me understand myself
Lsd, Magic Mushrooms, DMT
Explain to others about TS
Aripriprozole medication has helped eased My tics a lot
Helping my daughter with Complex Tourettes Syndrome
Misdiagnosed for many years
Guanfacine 2 yrs
L-methylfolate, magnesium glycinate, and Intuniv
Getting rid of stress around me. Stress ALWAYS makes my tics worse.
Unconditional love and motivation from my family and girlfriend
just focusing on something relaxing or entrancing helps releave ticks
Young Actors Theatre
Understanding of others for the condition my children have
Friends who share my condition
Getting a diagnosis explaines so much
For the first two months of chemo, I could only eat Mac and cheese
Two years on meds
The boring basics - but the most importent. Eating healthy. I eat good carbs, high fiber and Clean Foods.
Admitir que possuo a Síndrome, pois não foi fácil
My puppy
Lowering my anxiety
Being Assulted And Not Let Anyone Take Me Down
My partner is so supportive and accommodating
Accepting my condition
My 2 little whippet pups.. super sweet
Take medication if needed: there isn't a medicine specifically for tics but there is medicine to help you with other disorders that play along (ex. Anxiety, OCD, ADHD)
Family and friends are understanding and help me
My dog
Helping my husband with Complex Tourettes Syndrome, just diagnosed
Cedar Falls Community School District
Not thinking about (and not getting reminded of) my tics helps alot!
Drinking a medication called Serenace prescribed by my Neurologist. But the side effects can be harsh
My mom