Steroids and nebuliser
Loose weight
Support from the medical community
Getting diagnosed June 2016. At least I finally knew what was wrong with me
Recently had Tracheoplasty in Cincinnati, Ohio
I take 300mg of Lyrica and this has helped my cough
I have support from my children
Started taking Enbrel and six months later I was in Remission and got my life back.
Good family and friends
Heliox gas
Keep emotions in check, no extremes either way.
Weight loss
Empathy from friends and family
Mayo Clinic, and doing what they recommended
Had an emergency Tracheostomy Jan, 2015. Saved my life!
I now use Bipap and that helps me cope with TBM
I have my grandchildren to spend time with and give me hope for the future
Once in remission I was able to start driving again and no longer needed a baby sitter.
Stay on top of my cough, when it starts, do my breathing exercises. They don't work as well when the cough is out of control
Awareness of disease
Changing Diet
water exersize and weight loss surgery
My oldest daughter is my "nurse" if it wasn't for her, I'd still be in a nursing home.
Shifting into a new house has helped my stress levels
I am a survivor not a victim
I started crocheting and knitting and painting watercolors.
Having a sense of purpose
Cool room air flowing