Getting ctoma removed is #1 option :)
Have a knowledgeable Gynecological Oncologist that listens to you.
Faith in God and the power of prayer
Take on a 'Bring it on!' attitude and be ready to cope with anything the medics throw at you
Having the chemo gave me a fighting chance .
Support from MacMillan Cancer Care
Although I never would have wished this cancer I will say I have learned much about myself and my strengths as a result.
family and friends giving me strength and a kick in the butt when i start getting down
Faith...Faith in God is the most important! Believe!
Having a great ENT and regular check ups.
Family, friends and faith!
Positive thinking
Plan the treatment and recovery process, and use a Project Plan so that it'll drive you when you're down
Staying positive
A very thorough medical team
This has made me value my life and time on this planet. Everyday and every moment is a gift.
laughter.......need to find humor
Stay positive!!! You may have bad days here or there, but shake them off and know you are a survivor!
Having supportive people in your life!
Never give up hope!
Love and encouragement of family and friends
My short stay at the Penny Brohn centre in Bristol gave me a new angle on 'living the rest of my life'
Drinking loads of water through out the chemo , exercise , good healthy food after chemo and living life and loving life each day and enjoying the moment .
Supportive employers
I can and will advocate and fight for myself to ensure I have the treatment necessary to continue living and thriving as long as I can continue to have a good quality of life.
just getting dressed and putting make up on
Having my Dr have faith in my survival and is with me every step of the way! A great doctor!