Cut out spicy food.
Don't downplay the pain to the doctor, be honest.
Eliminated wheat, dairy, beef, and sugar from diet
Acthar injections made a life altering difference.
I have lots of support from home and family
Getting a diagnosis ended years of emotional pain. I now read widely and I'm my own advocate.
My dogs comfort me
Cut out meat, dairy, processed foods.
I recommend Dr. Michel Zelaquett, expert in fibroids treatments with uterine maintenance.
Try to avoid extremes of any kind: temperatures, movements, activities, numbers of people etc. I have a lot of trouble with temperature, esp. hot and humid weather in summer, so I go out for fresh air for just an hour or two only in the early morning and/
Pacing myself and knowing the signs to stop before I crash.
Deux de morphines skenan actiskenan et neurontin
Open myomectomy May 4.
No periods
Having an educated and experienced Doctor that believes me when I explain symptoms and changes.
I eliminated all wheat, oats, rye and anything related to gluten.
IV Rocephin, other abx (Dapsone, Mepron, Doxy) + FMT
Dieta totalmente sem gluten (livre de contaminação cruzada)
Changing my diet
Changed my diet
Phentermine diet pills
dieta saludable
Cut out alcohol :-(
Gentle exercise and fresh air helps lift mood.
Quit attempting to taking care of everyone else and focused on taking care of myself
Supportive husband & mother who really get it and are always there to help.
Love and support from friends and coworkers
I've met so many wonderful sisters who understand chronic disease such as wretched endometriosis does to an individual.
Dilaudid comforts me
ibuprofen, warm showers, tramadol, voltaren gel
Eat iron rich foods, cooked spinach,dried fruit, greens, fish.
Work out
To avoid aggravating a migraine, stay away from bright sun with hats, sunglasses (even in the house, yup!) and close shutters. Put up a Migraine in Progress sign to remind others to reduce volume and stress.
Eating healthy foods and cutting out sugar.
Parlez avec des amies sortir
Fresh vegetables/fruit juice every day
No pain
Family support (mostly from my older sister who also suffered with uterine conditions)
I eliminated oils of all kinds from my diet.
Subcutaneous IgG
Compreensão e apoio familiar (no início, apenas meu esposo compreendia minha condição de celíaca e a falta de apoio familiar me gerava grande impacto emocional)