Started Remicade Feb 2015 and feel much better in myself. Managed to lose some weight!
Cyclo helpt me, but made my life miserable...
Chripractic treatment
Pulmison, methatraxate & cyclosporin improved my sight sufficiently to enable me to reapply for drivers licence, which was lost
1 year of cellcept and prednisone
i have yet to find what is going to work for me. Medications wise. We are doubling my Remicade to 10 mg this week.
Less stress
Humira got the inflammation done in my eyes
Still hoping to find a medication that will work and save my daughter's sight
Los excelentes profesionales que me han ayudado con mi caso
being diagnosed
Received medical retirement so no pressure to work now when I'm ill
Less stress
Made changes in my diet, juicing , reflexology etc
Trying to take some stress out of my lfe
Why don't other people even family understand the severity of this disease and what it does to the body??
My doctor at Johns Hopkins
Complimentary homeopathic medication
Thank goodness we are in Scotland where the NHS fund the treatments
La contención de la familia.
Facebook support group for Birdshot Interntional
I separated from a very unsympathetic husband
Member of Birdshot FB group
Staying informed and joining FB group of Birdshot Uveitus friends
I wish I never got this disease
My husband
Exercise and looking after myself
Can't speak highly enough of Ophthalmology in Inverness
La cobertura de la obra social para los medicamentos