Physical therapy
Watching the same TV show that I love everytime there's a big change in my life is my best way to get better
Hormone Patch
I allow my body to heal
Find a good physiktherapist
I had Botox to treat my vaginismus
Casey Gioeli - Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist in Oak Hill has helped me tremendously with recovery.
Fisioterapia Pélvica
Being downsized and forced not to work over 40+ hours every week has resulted in reduced pain.
Mentally and emotionally ready
Having a cat that cares about me (oriental breed) and needs me even when I'm down
Burow's solution
You not alone
Exercising regularly helps me work out a lot of my stress and anxiety
Support group found on Facebook helps me get through the emotional lows that come with this condition.
Dilatadores Vaginais
Watching more comedies on TV has increased my joy - laughter helps with pain control.
Supportive spouse
Proper diagnosis
Finding others who understand this condition has helped me open up
Força de vontade para fazer exercicios domiciliares
Being able to help out friends when they need advice makes me feel useful again.