Trip to Dana Farber
Knowledge is power. Having some medical background takes away fear.
One year of Imbruvica has taken me from transfusion-dependent to normal hemoglobin
Prayer - my own and others praying for me
Healthy Lifestyle-exercise, diet and supplements
Walking on a regular basis
I NEVER went to chemo sessions alone. My fabulous friends rotated to spend that time with me!
Family support
I believe in a God who heals me.,
Once I educated myself about WM I feel a lot better
My wife has my back and handles everything
Retired and reduced stress.
Fruit and Veggie smoothies made in my Vitamix blender
Giving myself permission to rest, to slow down, to accept help.
Regular medical care from providers whom I trust
Consistent wifely support
Researching Waldenstroms
I tablet of Doxycycline (Vibramycin) 100mg dayly (+probiotics) seem to help aliviate headaches and extreme fatigue.
Imbruvica is working for me after a year of treatment.
Keeping a positive outlook.
Remain in good shape. As an active sportsman I had no negative effects on my chemo (R-CVP)
Water, Water and more Water during Chemo.
Combination of supplements to strengthen my immune system and promote healthy cell development
Plasmapherisis was a quick fix
Taking iron supplements for my anemia really helped my anemia.
Keep busy and don't let WM take control of your daily life
Have a great team of doctors
Good Nutrition - Nothing fancy but organic food when possible, fish and chicken and a some grass fed beef
Rituxin and Bendamustin treatment
Being able to show up at work without having to fulfill my responsabilities during treatment.
Still on wait and watch
Firing my first Heamatologist and getting one who would engage in dialogue with me.
Four treatments of Ritauxin after diagnosis.
Remove as much stress as poss
Trying to stay active
Living in the city where M D Anderson is located
Taking ownership of my disease, being an advocate for myself, and learning as much as possible about WM
Bendamustine/Ritux brought my IGM down
7 months of Bendamustine/Dexamethasone x2 days 1 long treatment Rituximab every 3 weeks
Six months of Bendamustine/ Rituxin
Started Imbruvica and my numbers decreased dramatically in 2 wks.
Rituxin and? (Can't remember)
Waldenstrom Expert
Positive attitude, exercise, healthy diet