Very low protien diet
Eating and drinking healthy and maintaining a healthy weight
Alport Syndrome Foundation Support Grouo
My condition has left me with hearing loss and vision issues. I also have asthma, anemia and anxiety issues. Was on Pd dialysis for 2yrs.
Dr. Kroll my (nefrologe) doctor
Family support
Having parents that were always there
Eating less red meat
Neomyacin (and after growing sensitized, stopping the neomyacin) for AK
Meeting others
My husband is my absolute rock.
2 months of Lisinopril, changed to Telmisartan.
Running and bicycling
My therapy dog Chloe.
I have a rare genetic form of alports, which has recently been investigated by a geneticist. My brother is also believed to have the same condition.
My medication: a combination of Rasilez, spironolacton and aliskiren
Alport support groups
Having capd dialysis
Resting when needed
Chlorhexidine Gluconate & PHMB for AK
I'm a mother of 2 affected children
Having a low potassium diet helps.
I've been trying to work on changing my diet.
Finding ways to still help people and contribute.
Great doctors
Both me and my brother have had a transplant and are living with the changes this brings both good and bad.
Drink enough water and do exercises
Knowing your not alone
Receiving a renal transplant
Losartan for my Alport syndrome
Meeting at the alport workshop with my son helps him
Joining alport warriors helped.