Recognizing signs of an episode coming
Our foster son (family member) was misdiagnosed with epilepsy. Our current paediatrician suggested enrolling in genetic research and a change in the CDKL5 gene was found. Margaret used Google to diagnose ATP1A3 and this was confirmed genetically.
Encontrar la asociacion española de hemiplejia alternante
اتمنى الشفاء للجميع
Having a rest period as soon as possible
After all 6 anti epileptic drugs were used with various degrees of harm, we insisted on the ketogenic diet. That helped and he is on a modified Atkins with small amounts of carbohydrate.
Tratamiento com sibelium y rivotril
الام هي نبع الحنان والعطاء
Therapeutic brushing
We are currently trying allergic desensitisation injections and will also try a drink containing ATP as this helped a Chinese child and may supply the missing ATP for brain energy supply.
El colegio especifico de mi hija
يجب التركيز على نظام غذائي فعال