A cure for my girl
Taking CPI trainings have greatly improved how I handle behavior modification for my son.
Family & Friend Support means the world to us!
Www.angelmanuk.org. Find your local AS community - in person and online.
My daugther 31 y.o. (del +) participated in Minociclyne clinical trial in Spain and this was incredible positive for us
Joining Angelman Connections and receiving support and giving support to other families with Angels.
Os limites existem, só não sabemos até onde eles vão.
Felipe toma resperidona
Regular doctor's visits and therapies
Watching Dominic grow and learn new things.
Prise en charge multidisciplinaire
I watch my sister as she slowy grows in maturity
A school with terapy for her
Layering communication has been extremely useful in not only helping Mason communicate appropriately but helps to instill self worth in him as well.
We Believe in the support of our community!
Children with AS CAN communicate using many methods. Investigate AAC to find the best language system for your child and try to use it from the very beginning. Nothing is more important than being able to communicate effectively with everyone.
My daugther doesn't have seizures,she doesn't have hipopigmentation and she doesn't take any medicins for seizures either
Reading research on Angelman Syndrome and being apart of research studies.
Ver que meu filho consegue fazer mais do se espera dele.
Tem dias que ele esta agitado
I (The mother) give my son the voice he needs to receive proper medical and educational care.
Dominic's grandmother is amazing with him.
Établissement pour ma fille
She is happier and more settled in her life situation now than ever before - it's taken a long time
da Princesa
A help for me- mom
You are your child's best advocate, don't ever let someone silence you simply because a need is inconvient for them to meet. Fight for your child's rights, even if it means you're going to go down swinging, just never give up.
Continuous Research and understanding has helped too
Whatever you are feeling or going through right now, you are not alone. Others have been there and will have have solutions or just a listening ear.
My daugther doesn't have problems with sleep
Excellent school support for our daughter and a team of providers that provide respite, training and emotional support.
Cada dia mais eu me vejo crescendo e me tornando uma pessoa mais resoluta.
Velipe tem 28 anos
While his condition can't be cured we can manage the problematic health issues that stem from his condition.
Having a supportive school.
Suivie, conseils, aide psychologique et astuces pour vivre normalement
She has generally very good health
Ana Esther