Patience with myself
Taking Humira
Medical marijuana
Remicade infusions
Staying hydrated
Having a loving, understanding spouse.
always being positive and make the pain you feel your strength.
Sulfasalazine in the earlier stages
I think knowing that i finally have a diagnosis relieved so stress.
always be positive and think positive
I sit alot
Eat less processed foods.
Positive people in my life
Keep moving
A positive mental attitude
weight loss
Learning to say No.
Strong support from family and friends
A positive attitude
Being on Enbrel has helped me alot over the last 7 years, Also for the past 2 weeks i have been on arcoxia 90mg daily and it really has helped me and i know can do even more with my family.
Moved to Arizona from North Dakota. Dryer and warmer here, feels so much better.
Enbrel in 2013
Cut out most carbs - have found that mashed potatoes really flare me up
Stretching and exercise
Hot baths help with pain
Natação/atividades física
After Humira failed I switched to Remicade infusions, just had 5th infusion and praying this medicaryyy
staying positive
Walking helps me with pain
mantenerme en constante movimiento
Getting up and moving around first thing in the morning, no matter how extremely painful it is at first.
Started Humira. Helped to manage symptoms.
I created 2 types of food supplement that I am taking religiously the first one is for pain the other one is anti inflammatory
Warm, steady weather
I use ice and Heat alternating. It helps on ny bad days.
Faced Reality and applied for disability. I was so bad that it was granted on my first attempt.
pacing myself
Force myself out of bed everyday before 6am
I can run after 2 month of treatment with adalimumab