Supportive family
Diet changes
My Leon
watching lots of tv to keep me occupied
Ice skating
seeing a therapist at rharian fields
Early treatment saved my life
Tried a plant based diet
I got my dog, henry
My nieces and nephews; the small people in my life that make each day a little brighter.
My children
Changing my attitude from restricting to being healthy
Stop denying what I'm feeling and doing to myself
My daughter and husband
I am on Dexilant (GERD, hiatal hernia, & Barrett's esophagus), Phenergan (nausea), Ritalin, Hydroxyzine (Anxiety), Sulfazine & Diclofenac (RA), Vitamin D3 5000 IU (mood), Lisinopril, Synthroid, Naproxen, Novolog via pump, & Cyclobenzeprine (fibromyalgia).
Getting the right medication after 15 years
My school support teacher that stands by me
Finding other people with the same diagnosis, and making new friends
My many pets help me get through each day.
Group therapy for teens struggling with depression
My Nan who loves me no matter what!
My dog... Because He is fightin with me
Attending therapy weekly
Sertraline once a day
"I'm enough"
Pain medication
Finding a doctor that looked for the cause instead of just treating my symptoms.
Cuando los médicos me daban 3 meses de vida decidí hacerlos los mejores 3 meses... hasta hoy, esos 3 meses se han convertido en 2 años y medio.
Supportive family and friends
pastas de planificar me ayudo con el acné
TENS unit
my mom who is very supportive and looks for long term solutions to issues
Proper treatment
listening to music
having someone to talk to
family that never gave up on me
Kept myself busy with school and extra curricula
I started online school
My pets. My cats especially.