remembering: change things you can and embrace things you cant, its not going to change.
There is nothing that can change my condition, it is congenital and cannot be reversed
Communicating with other patients about this rare condition helps enormously.
I try to stay happy despite my health problems: true happiness is the state of your mind and inner self and it does not depend on external circumstances/Я стараюсь не терять радости, несмотря на болезнь
smell training
Smell training
Finding and talking with other anosmics
When people remember my disability, despite not being able to see it physically affecting me
acceptance of disability
Knowing research is going on at Monell
doTERRA essential oils
adding lots of spices to food
Laugh about it and learn to not let it define who you are
Flixonase Nasal Spray
Riding my bike listening through headphones to Little Feat or Joni Mitchell always energises me
Thanking God every day for the blessing of life. I can smell some stuff after a fashion, wheras intially I could not. I can see and hear.
Coming out with this disease in front of my family and friends.
There has been no lmprovement at all, so better does not apply
The fact that I can't smell farts
las narices de las personas q amo, huelen por mi
Connecting to other people with K.S definitely helps
Joined the Facebook group "Congenital anosmia"
Smell training
Endoscopic sinus surgery
friends to talk with
I've never had a sense of smell.
Cipralex takes the edge off my anxiety and depression symptoms so I can work on them effectively.
Knowing other people have same condition
Uso um timer na cozinha para cozinhar qualquer coisa, me ajuda a não queimar nada no fogão
Friends and I are 'comfortable enough' to have a laugh about it; having a positive spin on it helps.
Music together with sunsets
Smell training with essential,oils
It could have been worse (the injury)
Joining online support groups
Spice food up a bit. It makes it taste better!
Using homeopathic remedies and seeing a naturopath is giving me hope
Taking antidepressant regularly seems to keep me level most of the time.
Connection with others who have anosmia
Finding an expert who treats my condition
concentrate on birding and photographing (vision and sound)
Spicy/ jalapeno chips helps a lot!
The best thing I have found is to remove myself from triggering things as much as possible, though this is getting more and more difficult.
Knowing the cause for my anosmia
I eat spicy food
Live with someone with a sense of smell
Remembering that I could have a worse condition.