Finally getting answers after 3 years of symptoms.
God and my family's support
Blood thinners
Post-it notes help me remember things.
lifetime of warfarin
Drinking lots of water and eating healthier
Full plasma exchange made me feel much better
Sleep! Sleep till u wake up every day, wear earplugs and get the benifits of restorative sleep!
Ronald, my husband
Blood thinners
Receiving correct care and medication
Faith that God still has a plan for me
After 4 years of symptoms, finally getting answers.
Reading, researching and looking for ways to feel better
Some medication
Getting strenuous exercise.
My friend Christina has helped me in searching for different ways to feel better and has been my biggest cheerleader.
A great doctor!
Protect myself from UV radiation and extreme heat / Protegerme del la radiación UV y el calor extremo
Growth hormone shots
mi equipo medico
My Miracle daughter that is my rock.
My husband. Always helping me, and telling the Drs what's wrong when my memory goes.
Having the correct dosage to maintain the correct inr changed my life.
Knowing my limitations.
My mom had Lupus and APS, recently passed away in 12/2016
botox for headaches
Great doctors!
A hysterectomy helped my pain spikes.
Getting treated properly.
Blood thinners and Plaquenil
Finding support groups
Hydroxychloroquine, 400mg
Dropped from full time work
Prayer and conversations with God
The right medication/good doctors (specialists)
God on my side!
Being proactive in my health care
I found doctors who were willing to run all of the tests that could get us closer to a diagnosis.
Always attending Church service.
Getting enough rest