Dapsone has helped
Not using traditional shampoo that contains chemicals, i am "no poo"
Limit time in shower.
Baby oil at the end of every shower
Sun (it's better in summer!)
Taking an antihistamine (cetirizine hydrochloride) an hour before I shower
A repeat prescription of Cetirizine
Xolair injections
Cetirizine once or occasionally twice a day
Attarax. I've had to up it after 5 years, but it has been a blessing.
Fexofenadine every day so I can shower
Not taking showers/baths as often
Daily citirizine tablets
A great doctor who listens
Standard allergy medication, my condition is not as bad as others
Clean diet (trying gluten free, low sugar)
less sugar,no alcohol
Using in-shower body lotion to put on my legs after I shave
Educating my friends and family
Ending my showers w/ super hot water.
Cetirizine half an hour before swimming
Smoking Hybrid Marijuana with Dominant Indica
My family supports me
Limit time in the water
stay strong!
Stay nice and cool
Sleeping during the day and up at night during hot weather.
Refraining from itching as much as possible, but I do have more of a mild reaction
Keeping a medical journal