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Latest progress of Arthrogryposis

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Arthrogryposis stories
Hello my name is Ron I am 51 years old. I have had 49 operations the last one 6 months ago and I love life. I was never supposed to walk run or go to school much less be able to put a sentence together. When I was born I was breech I had half a skull...
Arthrogryposis stories
Hi! My daughter, Isabella, born 2-17-12 has AMC Amyoplasia. She is affected in her left arm, wrist and fingers. Also she is affected in her left foot which is club foot. At 12 months old she went thru 3 weeks of serial casting to correct her club foo...
Arthrogryposis stories
I don't have the condition  our 5 year old grandson (Max) had it  So proud of him and his parents. And all others we have become friends with that have some tyre of the condition 
Arthrogryposis stories
Yes I was born with arthrogryposis in 1967. Back then they put people in state institutions that would like me cuz they did not understand that we were not disabled in  in our brain. My mother said no. I stayed and Shriners Hospital in Missouri ...
Arthrogryposis stories
My name is Jessica, I was born in a small town named Shelton, Washington to parents whom were told I had Arthrogryposis and that I would never walk or talk and that they should just place me in a home and forget about me because I would never am...

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¿Cuantas personas con AMC hay en España?¿Porqué no se asocian en la Asociación AMC-Artrogriposis Múltiple Congénita-España?

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