Been treated with voriconazole
Bronchoscopies are the only treatment that makes me feel better
Knowing about aspergillosis
final diagnosis of ABPA after months of uncertainty
Removal from the exposure
Keeping calm no excitement
Moved away from highly smoggy living situation
Anti fungal medication
Dr.Senthur Nambi took care of me prescribing me with Voricozonal 200mg
It's very important to follow the doctor protocol and treatment for this disease it's also very important to use the oxygen that you get put on. Stay active stay connected make sure you have a doctor who has experience with this condition. My doctor allow
support of family.
Currently taking the last option of Zole medication - isavuconazole however not working
I'm in the process of finding a doctor who can help me
Flixonase brought back my sense of smell and removed stuffy nose
To eat Low Carb High Fat had a good effect on my lungs problems.
took anti fungal meds
Computer aided Sinus surgery gave me my taste and smell back
My faith. Holding on to the bibles scritures
Am facut tratament cu voriconazol 6 luni si mi-a salvat viata.
Friend's who listen and care
In June 2014, a misdiagnosed aspergillosis infection altered the course of my life.
claire-My saving grace-naturopath
I am just consulting with a specialist now.
posteral drainage clears my lung and prevents further infections
Finding a great doctor
abpa the doctors do not know how to handle
Breathing fresh air away from mold
Severe allergic reaction initially diagnosed as hayfever proved to be allergic fungal sinusitis
Only week three of Itraconazole and the exact extent of the diagnosis is not yet known
Breathless coughing feeling tired all the time
Only tried Intraconazole it affected my liver
Knowing the symptoms I had with sputum and coughing and connected to FB and the NAC Dr's and leaflets and information
doctors prescribing ABs and prednisone to have on hand to start immediate treatment
Prescription steroid and antifungal medications
Wach wat I eat and drink
Got laid off from a job at an airport (where there is much jet exhaust)
Being in a warm climate and avoiding cold winters
You will feel sad and grieved at first most likely give yourself time to grieve and pity party to the degree necessary then get up off the floor or bed and become your own best advocate your own superhero other people have survived this and you can too.
great team of physicians.
Had two course of Picc Line treatment over last 2 years
My diet is very clean - veggies, meat/eggs, good fats i.e. avacado, nuts, olive oil, ghee etc. and fruit
Exercise and good diet