Been watching how much candy I eat and how long u am excersizing get for
Regular use of inhalers
cambio de alimentación
Yoga. It can be toned down to suit your personal ability It helps to keep joints moving and muscles moving in efforts to prevent contracture and improve circulation and oxygenation to the blood.
Family support
Lots of rest
My hot water bottle always provides me some relief
Botox every three months
Finding something that I'm passionate about doing
Having a baby that needs me allows me to keep fighting for my health.
finding the right balance of medications
horse are my therapist , my physio and lower my pain better than morphine. o do pain mangement too
Kenalog 40
My community support worker
Knowing that I'm not the only one
Finding the right combination of medication but still have flares and etc.
Prophylactic antibiotics
Hot baths help with pain
Having a dr that listened and connected all my symptoms
hot water bottle
Finding others with the same condition
Accepting what i cant change
Heating pad, combination pain relievers, and yoga pants
Reducing stress as much as possible. Less anxiety = more manageable symptoms.
Follow schedule of inhalers and nebulizer
Trigger point injections
Fioricet with codeine for the occipital neuralgia
learning my limits and trying to not over do it
Neurostimulator; I have two (upper body and lower body)
Exercising daily: This might be the main reason I was able to stop using inhalers 13 years ago. Never had to used them since ~2002.
Two months after my first seizure I found a YouTube video that has literally saved my life (And I can't stress that enough):
Gluten free
My mum who always helps me no matter what
My son. Wanting to give him the right tools to fight to be at his side so that he doesn't give up..
I'm in constant pain
finding a group of friends who are on the autism spectrum.
Relaxing in front of Netflix with my leg up
Meine familie
Ensure meds are taken regularily and how perscribed.