Dieta baja en gluten y alto en fruta y verduras
Finding something that I'm passionate about doing
Think Positive. A good mind, a good health!
No steroids
Control médico frecuente
tener una actitud positiva
My husband is very supportive
Speak portuguese
4 meses de Factores de Transferencia
control emotion
Reducing stress as much as possible. Less anxiety = more manageable symptoms.
Washing with Apple Vinegar
Keeping yourself busy doing what your body allows you to do, charties are a great way you can help from home
Taking care of myself through exercise and balanced diet.
Removing dairy & most of caffeine from my diet.
Ciclosporina, me ha ayudado notoriamente
Having the moral support and strength from my mom and grandma
Hidratação diária
Uso de Zaditen e cremes hidratantes
Connections with other patients of Atopic Eczema
Avene XeraCalm A.D. helps witj dryness and itching.
Strict gluten free diet
Resting in the darkness in a quiet environment.
Protect myself from UV radiation and extreme heat / Protegerme del la radiación UV y el calor extremo
El reposo
I m managing my son’s severe eczema, food allergies, asthma, along awesome allergy free-recipes, latest research and treatment plans that worked for us.
Great doctors!
Long Term Treatment
God: my faith has gotten me through the worst pain I've ever felt, and my ongoing chronic pain, illness, and disability.
Cortei todo alimento derivado do leite, corantes, e alguns alimentos que contem gluten
Controlar el estrés
Una muy buena dermatóloga
Utilizar corticoides tópicos
Una buena crema para mis hijas
Crema lipikar
Sodium cromoglycate
My emotional support cat is what gets me out of bed in the morning
My youngest grandson living with us
Hacer ejercicio. Yoga sobre todo.
My mum helps me though everything
Eat natural things. avoid processed products and eat enough fish, rich in omega 3.Salmon is great. A diet rich in grains, white meat and vegetables is excellent and decreases crises.
Hidratación con cremas a toda hora
tomar antihistaminicos a diario
Doctors listening to me
Usar crema sin fragancia