Joining support groups and knowing your not alone
Steroids have so far helped my pcv to raise
Splenectomy has pushed me into remission since 2013.
Rituxin treatment in Nov 2012
Going away of stress
I used rituxan for treatment after steroids and a spleenectomy didn't work.
Her doctor recommended that in addition to her medication we begin a vitamin program. We noticed a significant difference within a few days.
Warmer winter this year.
Proper diet rich in iron & vitmains..electrolytes
Iodine, mainly from potassium iodide
Ice packs!! I can't live without them every day
Being my own advocate-research-don't settle
7 day Prednisone
nabilone helps with pain and brings my hemoglobin up
I take Folic acid for the bone marrow to be able to produce more red blood cells red (babies)
Learning more about disease
Supportive family members
A blood transfusion saved my life
wheening off prednisone in April 2013
Bloodtransfusion made me feel better
Trying to take less prednisone and let the body work
Staying warm
Magnesium, from Epsom salts
My husband
Hot showers
Hemotologist who is experienced in AIHA
No sports, cold weather or cold food/liquids
I have stopped a lot of stressful work, do the mindfulness and yoga, eat healthy food with lots of vitamins and minerals.
My treatment
Having prior understanding of medical background experience has been so very helpful.
A good vet (Martin and Carr)
Exercise and promenades,healthy diet
Doing exercise
Lots of stress!!!
Thyroid support and adrenal support
Dieting and exercising