Contact with other people with the same condition while growing up.
Maintain a positive perspective no matter what!
My family making sure I don't feel any different from anyone else!
I have a son, who's name I have not disclosed, born with Bladder Extrophy and Epispadias. He has had several surgeries in his little 2 years and is a healthy, happy little boy.
my dear God, dad and mom who give support at every time
Tratamento em Poa rs
I started importing my catheters from China in bulk which saved me money and cut my infection rate
Grupos de personas y familias
Die Ärtze im Krankenhaus
Being spoken to by the Doctors not about as if I wasnt there.
Taking care of my spiritual side as much as my physical!
Getting to do whatever I set my mind too!
Looking for other children to connect with so my son can share his experiences as he grows up
my brothers
Hospital perfeito
Buenos profesionales
Meine Familie die immer für mich da war
Not being treated as breakable as a child even though it was well ment.
Staying on top of my medical situation
The wonderful doctors at MUSC!
We are under the care of Dr. Van Heerden at the Pretoria Urology Hopsital, recommended to us by Dr. Gearhart in the USA.
my friends
Doutor Rafael deyl