anti-inflammatory medications
A positive attitude always leads to healthy mind, body and spirit. BELIEVE you can do it.
Hot baths
Right combination of Prescribed Medications
Adam Meyer, male, born 31/12/1981 lives in Chicago, USA. His Mum had Ribbings Disease. I'm not certain when he was diagnosed, but is very sore this winter.
made some workout, to try to be as so relax as i can
Heat therapy and gentle massage
Keep moving
Positive attitude
To accept what I am and to never expect less from myself.
Great friends and support
age it affected me when I was younger
My mom is always there for me
Emily, female, aged 16, lives in Sydney, Australia (Asian descent). She is struggling with pain too, but came 1st in her year for English, Congratulations!
climat peu humide
knowing when to rest up and give yourself a break
Healthy eating
I've learned how and when to apply a dose of "classic medicine" when is extremely needed.
Symptoms have lightened up as I got older
heat, motrin
My emotional service dog named Toby has help tremendously
I do as much as I can on days I'm well, & compromise the days I can't. My biggest struggle is not going to a special event then feeling isolated, guilty, upset & frustrated.