Carvedilol, Enalapril, Aldactone and Torsemide have kept me going for more years than most
Great cardiologist who was great at getting my meds dialed in.
Body adjusting to beta blocker
Actually knowing what's wrong with me
grupa wsparcia
The excellent care from all the medical staff at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast.
Support group
been mentally postive
Joining UK Cardiomyopathy Association and learning more about my condition
Support from Cardiomyopathy UK -
Having friends who still want me in their lives despite my inability to keep up with them sometimes.
Finding support groups
bi ventricular pacemajer
Having grandchildren keeps me focused
After living with this condition all my life, I had a heart transplant on November 14, 2015.
Apical myectomy
LVNC. Left Ventricular Non.Compaction Syndrome
A cardiologist who was honest and understood me
Learning to listen to my body
Being stubborn
Contact with others about this.
Keeping fit
Rest and relaxation
Pulling myself together eventually and loosing 5 stone.
Tomar la medicación en tiempo y forma
Walking on the treadmill
Began seeing Dr. Cheney in 14th year, after dx. Toxin-free living. Neuro & cellular protection.nKeep feet/legs elevated.REST.Avoid pharmas!
Trying to stay active.
Expert medical advice and services
Corolan since Early feb has finally reduced my heart rate and helped me feel a bit normal.
DCM/Heart Failure - a late effect caused by chemotherapy for NHLymphoma
Accept that it is debilitating
Stopping work at 52yo... disability
No longer working
Quitting drinking. Absolutely 0 alcohol.
Getting a defibrillator fitted
wsparcie rodziny i przyjaciół
The love and support from my family and friends
Family fight it together
Rich diet with organ meat and fruits made me better
accepting what i have
Writing about my journey
Having my ICD to watch over me - gives me confidence and reassures family and friends
My sister, who now has the condition also, and who has been one of my biggest supporters. Love you Sloan!
Trying my best to stay active and positive