i'm Using Vitalux Plus Omega 3( lutein , omega3) Since 2015
Making the film Driving Blind
School for the Blind
Exercise! Consistent exercise has made more aware and in my mind slowed things down!
my work kept me busy
Find a sport
Growing up with a father and uncles with CHM was inspiring
Be more self reliant
I'm Using Sun glass Every time i exit my home in the day
Trying new things
Books on Victor Reader
Being open and honest with those around me and not being afraid to ask for help
my mother and father were supportive
Find other people in the same situation
I was diagnosed as a carrier in my teens
My mom
I want to contact any people have Chm for trade experience
Staying strong
Tools for the blind
The hope on the horizon with all the gene therapy trials including my own!
hope that there would be a cure made me hopeful
Exercise as much as possible
I so badly want clinical progress for my sons