pain meds
Healthy low fat Diet.
TP-IAT Feb 13th 2014 at U of MN
Joining support groups
stopped drinking alcohol
getting a diagnosis
TP-AIT in February 2011
Cannabis oil
Recently started acupuncture and has had major improvement in pain elimination
eating 6 grams of fat or less per meal
I have changed my eating habits. I'm now gluten, dairy, sugar & red meat free.
Soaking in a hot bath.
My family! The comfort they give me.
Drink a lot of water slow
zero fat and no meat
GNC Super Digestive Enzymes
Low fat diet
Using a heating pad, also therma-heat back wraps on long days out.
Good support system
life style changes
pain management
The support group The National Chronic Pancreatitis Support Network
All that I have to wake up for each morning
Total Pancreatectomy with Auto Islet transplant (nov 21 2012)
Using meditation techniques to keep myself from getting too upset. Stress is a big trgger for me.
IV's... they seem to help reset the Pancreas
Listening to my body
Never too let a VA Hospital take care of you.
TP/AIT on 5/1/15 @ Baylor Liver & Pancreatic Disease Center
Zen Pep pancreatic enzymes
Great medical team
Not eating fatty foods/drink alcohol
Joining online support group has helped my emotional state
Years of practising Meditation, Mindfulness have made a difference to my pain levels and depression.
Low to zero fat diet and no alcohol ever. Plant based diet.
First off God and my faith
Ketamine to reverse my pain levels
Being a vegetarian
less meds, better......m
TP/IAT February 10, 2014
My TP/IAT 9-27-12 gave me my "life" back
Increased water intake
Warm bath.