APAP/CPAP Therapy for moderately severe Sleep Apnea. ❤
Wearing a Partial
Amazing dentists
When I was in elementary school we always had to go like 3 hours just to go to the dentist
Finding a support group.
Weekly chiropractor visits
Swimming to strengthen spine
Maxillofacial facial surgery
Meeting others within the craniofacial community who I can relate to in more ways than one. ❤
Tons of ibuprophen and other pain medications
It was so bewildering to doctors because they had never heard of it
Aquatic Zumba, water aerobics.
Advocating for the cause of craniofacial differences and involving EVERYONE in these efforts. We must raise awareness and enact change TOGETHER! ❤
Dental Work
My sister's and I had always had the mentality that we could do anything that a normal person could
Vitamin D