Supportgroups on Facebook !
Six years with CC, symptoms not getting better!
Colloid cyst survival Support group
Be patient
Shunt placement: 9/15/13
Don't push yourself too fast or hard, take time to let yourself heal.
Having a craniotomy.
Having my notepad handy all the time
no alcohol
Having the operation to remove the cyst
Other people's experiences
Do not tip your head back.
Drink plenty of water
support from family
Think that you are born twice
my family
mindfulness exercises
Having it diagnosed, (I am not crazy, something really is wrong. A weird relief)
11 years watch and wait with 6mm cyst
Sought and found a very skilled NS in Hong Kong
Staying interested in life and activities and keeping friends.
Writing things down I don't want to forget & living with forgetting things I forgot to write down.
The groups on Facebook make everything mentally so much better.
Life is too short, "just do it"
Participating in church activities
I have support from my children
getting back to work and a sense of normality helped me.
Relax and don't over think.
My family being supportive.
Being at home with my loved ones!
The support of my husband and daughter
Get plenty rest
One day at a time
You will have setbacks and some days you will feel as if you are making no progress but keep pushing forward, it will come.
Brain training
no red meat
Having a supportive family
Strong supportive friends and family
Someone to share with and commiserate with
If possible, lay down in your tub and just let your head bob..
Take a lot of vitamins,, especially B vitamins
support from medico's
listening to myself, knowing how i feel.
support groups
Having it removed twice.
Topamax for 5 years was amazing but became allergic
Gave myself ample rest and gradually phased in a return to normal work/life routine
My family.