Oral Orthotic, Dr. Gary Demerjian, tmjconnection.com
Ketamine infusion have made my life so much easier!
The support of my boyfriend and my family
Ketamine Infusions
The Autoimmune Solution by Amy Myers, MD. - it's life changing if you open & stay focused.
The spinal cord stimulator got me out of a wheelchair after two and a half years
My dogs comfort me
Doctors that believe me.
pain meds
Supportive family & friends
Having the proper dosage in my pain pump. The dosage of the doctor is giving me now barely even touches my pain.
Faith in my Lord Jesus Christ.
Epsom salt baths
Gabepentine, Methadone, compounded cream
Finding support groups on Facebook.
attending Pain Management Clinic
Spinal Cord Stimulator
The assistance of my GP, GP's Nurse Practitioner , Podiatrist, Physio, Pharmacist,
Pacing - a laminated copy of the spoon therapy in the family room reminds me and the family
Ketamine Infusions
my faith is the first to bring comfort, my family, my friends and warriors
Understanding the syndrome through research and support groups
The support of family and friends
Epidural steroid injections under flouroscope & with sedation
You are not alone
Medical Marijuana
Finding a doctor who believes you.
Continuing to work out
Ketamine Infusions
Art, Music, Writing
Staying on top of the medical literature as it pertains to CRPS & my co-morbidities; bringing articles in to my doctors with my questions; finding a good medical dictionary
Joining a Facebook Support Group learned more there than anywhere else.
I have fought for 5 years and n 29th Oct 2015 the first Public Meeting of The All Party Parlimentary Group for CRPS will take place
Sleep ,I make sure I go to bed early.Even if it's not to sleep at least my body is resting.
My husband who has held me up on bad days and walked by my side on good ones
Water therapy. Walk on the treadmill that's under water in a heated pool.
Fantastic family support
My son is my rock, and my pride and joy!
Desensitisation exercises. Ie. Using different fabrics, textures etc. against my skin( foot) to 'trick' nerves ( how ironic!) into thinking "all is well and good, normal!"!!!!
My twin nephews, I can honestly say they saved me
my awesome partner, never stops supporting me
My mum, who is always by my side, comes to keep me company at hospital appointments and keeps me going although life is though at the minute.
Dr. Pradeep Chopra
Laughing and enjoying life with my daughter!!