Strawberry milkshake
Celiac plexus blocks
Scalding hot baths with the shower head beating on the left side of my neck
IV meds
7 years of nausea meds
Cannibis Indica Dominant Strains
Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome New Zealand Support Group
Lorazepam (Ativan) 5mg daily
Protein powder is great way maintain your weight
I stopped saying yes to people when they need something and I'm not feeling well
My Family and Friends...I couldn't do it without them
Amitriptyline and Zofran have made my episodes better.
Migraine treatment: Maxalt, Amitripteline, Ativan,
25 Nortriptyline and omeprazole. good a year now.
Finding a good Doctor familiar with CVS and the ways to treat it.
Medication- sandomigran
Extremly hot bath w/3c Epsom salt and whirlpoool
Finding the right combination of meds.. Amitriptaline and omeprazole for me
My husband recognized my cycles were related to my hormone changes and pain levels
Hot Showers/bath
Support grouo
Hot showers.... cannot stress this enough.
Topamax every day has helped "stabilize" my flare ups and I don't have them as often.
My daughter has CVS
Tricyclics have been extremely helpful for me in combination with CoQ10
Sedation - sleep
Diagnosis in 2012 by St James Hospital In Leeds
hot bath or hot water bottle
Facebook support groups changed the world for me
Being believed it's not in my head
Co Enzym Q10: made my episodes bearable
No GMO’s, NO MSG,less meat,Organic wheat products only, Probiotics everyday- fridge pills,kefir, yogurt sauerkraut etc.
Starting on carnitine, coq10, and b2
Hot Showers
Multiple long HOT showers
More rest
Cutting all gluten and dairy has helped with triggers.
Having a diagnosis