Integral Manuel Therapy (IMT)
Mantenerme ocupada
Read an old book
I got depersonalisation disorder i have it for six moths now
Writing down your thoughts, praying and beliving that you will get better.
PULSOTERAPIA endovenosa com solumedrol
Talking to people
It's only gotten worse, but I'm handling it better.
Childhood traumas and abuse
Reading and Music
Music + art
Relaxing and calming yourself
Getting a low dosage prescription for Xanax to help in the moment of derealization
My amazing friends
My gorgeous Great Dane who remains very real and tangible to me even when DR is at it's worst
Obsessive self-improvement
Detoxification (green alge, Enterosgel, cater oil)
Enfrentar mis miedos, no quedarme encerrada en ellos.
Go on a walk with a friend
CBT and learning about anxiety and condition. More you learn the more tools you have to overcome it(not beat).
fisioterapia respiratória
Video Game
Learning an instrument
The best thing is distraction.
My country was the main reason of all of this
My 3 kids
Loved ones
Fresh air
Not fighting against it, developing acceptance to it
My mother constantly texting me to see how I'm doing
Drawing or painting
Appreciating that even though my brain isn't perfect, it's still inconceivably complex, beautiful and amazing
Busy schedule
Acceptance, meditation, sports
Dormir más de 8 horas, no desvelos.
Listen to a podcast about something you enjoy
Activity and exercise.
Support groups