corticoide por 6 meses
Avoiding Gluten at all cost
do a fructose and histmine intolerance test and my dermatitis herpetiforme went away after avoiding both plus the gluten ( no more dapsone)
Strict gluten free diet
Bioresonance Theraphy is the best, i have no food allergy now.
Listening to my body
Cell food by nu science has helped chronic fatigue gotten rid of many symptoms
A dieta sem glúten ampliada salvou minha vida
Ice packs
dieta mais ampliada
No contamination is acceptable.
no give up and change doctor even they tell you that dapsone its the only solution for DH
Support from family and friends
Educating myself about Addison's, and my other diseases
collagen powder has helped with joint pain
Extended Gluten Free Diet saved my life. No itch´s and any medicin to take
diaper rash cream
evitar contatos com algo que desencadeia crises
Cold compress is the best to alleviate any rash due to Dermatitis hepetiformis
Continuing to live my life to the fullest such as traveling and dining out.
Silver ions in pure water for the skin.
Educating my family about Addison's disease and my other autoimmune disease
knowing my blood panel and fixing the vitamins accordingly has helped immensely.
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calamine lotion