My mommy that is and always will fight for me
Knowing he isn't alone
Cada seis meses realizar un control completo, de todas las especialidades que lo tratan al paciente con digeorge
Heart surgery at Hospital for Sick Kids in Toronto
I have support from my children
The main thing that helps is to stay away from foods that trigger an "episode."
O meu namorado apoiar-me a 100% (não entra glúten na nossa casa)
Calcium supplements
The teams I have around me
Realizar evaluaciones de neurologia, fonoaudiologia y kineseologia para tener un plan de estimulacion en las areas necesarias
Support from my parents
I have my grandchildren to spend time with and give me hope for the future
When I have an "episode", I will take Benadryl, Phenergan and Zofran.
O apoio da minha família em ajudar na descobertta
Having your partner to support your sons care
Contarctarse con familias que pasen por lo mismo, en Argentina [email protected]
Educational support at school
I am a survivor not a victim
Ver o meu cabelo a ganhar força de novo