The right medications
Pour mon fils : régime cetogene
Frankincense essential oil as a rescue
Having a great mom
My Mom loves me!
Topamax was the most useful drug for us, but with 5 drugs still not seizure free
estar en mi Dieta ketogenica
Ketogen diet
MMJ as a rescue with Frankinscence essential oil
Using intranasal midazolam instead of Diastat
Finding the DSF has helped so much with research and knowledge
Take it a day at a time
Éviter les microbes le plus possible
First seizure at the age of 7 months.
Attending Special Needs school rather than main stream
The modified ätkinsdiet help me to have less epileptic seizures
Toute notre petite famille derriere notre fille qui se bat contre le SD.
Ketogenic Diet
Diacomit, Orfiril Long, Frisium
Diet with protein shakes, high in fat/oil, low in salt, low in sugar, and avoids fried/browned foods are best.
treated w/ keppra and Depakene since Aug 2015
Lots of love and special attention
Mixture of meds.. Depakote , onfi, epidiolex
Early diagnosis
Early diagnosis
Epidiolex is working
Stiripentol worked for 6 weeks
Getting the right medication
early intervention
Pour moi : la danse
A mom who will fight for me
family support
I like splashing rocks at the beach!
Essential oils are very helpful for overall health and to shorten and reduce seizures
el amor de toda mi familia
The hospital in Sandvika, SSE
The Therapy with a dog named " Emma"
Trust your gut you know your child more than anyone else
A mom who never stops fighting
Insisting on seeing an epileptologist that has experience with Dravet syndrome
Using a CBD oil has helped with clusters and i have been able to down some of the other meds which has helped at school.
Avoid all known triggers
Avoir une bonne hygiène de vie