Patience with myself
starting steroids in 1954
Support from other people who share your condition
Joining a Facebook site devoted to other Dystonia sufferers
Joining a support group
Proper diagnosis and treatment/medications
Keeping myself busy
Proper medication
Focusing on something that you always wanted to achieve and which is still doable really helps you to get through hard days.
Always feel positive (rational way to think)
Botox with MDS
Magnesium Matate taken morning and evening helps calm muscle spasms
conducting research on my own
getting diagnosed after 10yrs and researching my disorder
Switched Movement Specialists to one that works with me, that put in an actual effort to help me.
botox in neckand shoulder
DBS surgery
Medical Marijuana relieves my pain, muscle spasms and tremors better than the pain killers, muscle relaxers and Parkinson medications.
Breathing excersises healp me control my symptoms better
Botox injections
Stretching and listening to worship music
Having a positive attitude.
Nice long hot soaks in the tub
Praticar Esportes/Play sports
botox injections
Having a vey supportive partner and family who helped me "hang in there"
new and better doctor
STRC Exercises
Functional Neurology has taught me that Dystonia can be beaten
make yourself get active
Accepting what i cant change
Nic, who keeps encouranging me to never stop looking for an answer or different things that might help
Xeomin works better for me than Botox
Under therapy at Institut Art
Neuroplastic training with a specialist
Medicine for Parkinson's disease helps me.
Using essential oils has really helped, I no longer get botox injections
Effective combination and strength of medications
doing things that I enjoy with family
Doing a lot of research of my own.
My husband.
Having my daughters closer to me