Concentrating on eliminating stress has made a difference in my ability to do more things
Ebsteins friends
Cone surgery 2010
Cone surgery 2010
Eating non-processed food more has improved some of my symptoms.
Fresh air, by the sea or in the forest and doing deep breathing exercises.
Total repair new valve repositioned mitral valve
Dr. Knott-Craig
Even if it is difficult, we have to do sports to improve our capacities and it will help too to know if the condition of our heart goes better or worst.
My God who answers prayers
un emploi épanouissant
Drinking TONS of water helps with low blood pressure dips!
Controlling Ebsteins and not letting it control me
Controlling Ebsteins and not letting it control me
Eliminating Caffeine and drinking less soda has reduced the occurrences of my SVT.
Relaxation, doing things to relax. Stop eating, drinking caffeine, which helped with the severe palpitations.
2nd surgery to remove myopothy
Dr. F.B. Pearce
Listen to your body
My family and friends
Stay by they're side
mes enfants
Having great friends and family who get it are an amazing asset. If yours don't, get new ones! ~^_^~
Rest and exercise
Rest and exercise
I always push myself until a doctor said i can not be strong all the time i now at time just sit in a corner and cry, its not fair you know
Pacemaker implated after maze
Don't let beautiful opportunities go because of your disease
Support Groups for children with CHD
Never second guess yourself
un état d'esprit totalement différent par rapport à avant