Iron tablets
Loosing weight
excision surgery
Hot pad
6months of zoladex injections
Changing my diet
Drinking my Visalus shakes at least once a day has restored my energy
2 years of eating plant-based diet without soy or processed foods and no sugar
Following the endo diet
My support system of friends and family
Consumir piña (ananá)
Buena alimentación
Heating pad
heating pad
A dedicated team of doctors that work with each other to help me reach my goal of being pain free.
No comer ningún tipo de carne.
Listen to your body
My own accumulation of an endo diet.
Cut Wheat out of my diet
Mi FE en DIos
Going vegan
I became a vegetarian a year ago.
Acthar injections made a life altering difference.
Cirugía de extirpación (Excision Surgery)
11 inyecciones de Lupron me ayudó pero poco tiempo.
Mi familia
Three surgeries
Comer sano
familia y amigos
finding a great doctor that listens to me
i have yet to find what is going to work for me. Medications wise. We are doubling my Remicade to 10 mg this week.
decompression surgery
zoladex and activelle & painkillers
My dogs always being there
Lifestyle be kind to yourself.
Healthy Food
My family
16 ans pour un diagnostic, diagnostiquée en 2011
Following a diet for endometriosis
Naproxen. A whole damn lot of naproxen.
Knowing that I have endometriosis and not be a mentally ill
Not giving up when the doctors wanted to and becoming my own advocate.
I had a total hysterectomy at age 25. It was my only option. I have my life back now.