A genetic mutation that causes blood clots. It is heritary and can be passes by one or 2 parents. Most with factor V will not be affected by clots, but are at higher risk. With no outward symptoms, factor V is controlled by one or more including: medication, stockings, ivc filter, surgery, and dietary changes.

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Factor V Leiden life expectancy

What is the life expectancy of someone with Factor V Leiden?

8 answers
Is Factor V Leiden contagious?

Is Factor V Leiden contagious?

5 answers
Celebrities with Factor V Leiden

Celebrities with Factor V Leiden

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Is Factor V Leiden hereditary?

Is Factor V Leiden hereditary?

5 answers


Associated with clot development in legs or arms:
Associated with clot in lungs:
Dry cough
Heart racing or beating hard
Short of breath


Circulatory system
Circulatory system
Reproductive system
Reproductive system


  • No outward symptoms are known aside from developing a clot.


  • Anticoagulants
  • Compression stocking
  • IVC filter
  • Surgery
  • Specialist who treat it

    ICD9 and ICD10 codes of Factor V Leiden

    ICD10 code of Factor V Leiden and ICD9 code

    3 answers
    Natural treatment of Factor V Leiden

    Is there any natural treatment for Factor V Leiden?

    3 answers
    Living with Factor V Leiden

    Living with Factor V Leiden. How to live with Factor V Leiden?

    6 answers
    Factor V Leiden symptoms

    Which are the symptoms of Factor V Leiden?

    9 answers

    Stories of Factor V Leiden

    Factor V Leiden stories
    I was diagnosed in 2001 after a series of TIA's and a smart neurologist who suspected there was something more to be investigated since I had a history of DVT's and my mother's family has had numerous blood clots.  Since then I was also diagnos...
    Factor V Leiden stories
    I was diagnosed in March of this year after having my 2nd Pulmonary Embolism.  The doctors could not figure out where my blood clots were coming from since I did not have any DVT's.  I have both genes, so I will be on blood thinners the res...
    Factor V Leiden stories
    My name is Martin R. Lemieux, and for over 20 years now I’ve survived five DVTs – blood clots in my left leg, one clot in my right leg, and another clot in my left pelvic area. As if that wasn’t enough, I’ve also had to manage...
    Factor V Leiden stories
    In the spring of 2010, I was working and felt that it was a little difficult to bend my right knee / walk - I felt very little swelling / heat so I thought little of it, especially in light of a prior history of having knee problems in that same leg....
    Factor V Leiden stories
    First two DVT's unprovoked except for the flu.  Hypo-Thyroid too.  On coumadin first, too many side affects, now on Xarelto.  Tried all natural blood thinners didn't help.  Now on Xarelto and natural blood thinners. Still don't br...

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    Statistics of Factor V Leiden

    33 people with Factor V Leiden have taken the SF36 survey. Mean of Factor V Leiden is 1610 points (45 %). Total score ranges from 0 to 3,600 being 0 the worst and 3,600 the best. Take the SF36 Survey

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