Fear can be crippling, take a step in faith and try the things you loved doing again.
Being a warfarin lifer and staying within my INR range.
Understanding the condition
I have not had an "event" yet. I take a low dose baby aspirin daily
as much knowledge as possible
Meeting other people same or similar to you in hospital so not alone
Low Carb diet makes me feel so much better
I've had a liver trasplant
Excellent Medical Support & Knowledge
Talking to people who have FVL
Descoberta do problema
rivaroxabana, clexane
Great doctors!
On warfarin
Educate yourself as much as possible.
Support from my wife.
Několik týdnů studování
Lifetime warfarin
Friends and Family help keep your spirit strong.
I do sports included compétition
Finding the right Dr. Who dosn't just chase numbers, switched from Synthroid to Armour Thyroid.
Recovery is always possible
Discovery of the disorder
1st DVT hospitalized for 2 weeks, finally diagnosed Factor V
Stopped eating processed food. It did wonders for me.
When I was diagnosed I had a DVT and 4 Pulmonary Emboli.
Time. Had no energy after my PE. Just taking a shower was exhausting. My energy improved over time.
Warfarin. Has kept me alive since 2000. I self test my INR which makes life a lot easier.
Xarelto, made eating healthy easy.
Having a true Hematology specialist.
Gluten Free
Diagnosed during pregnancy
Take meds at the same time everyday
Consistency in diet.
Keeping active
I know other people suffer.
Wearing my compression stockings has made a difference in my pain.
Stay Hydrated
Coumidin is my only option
Six months of outpatient physical therapy to help regain some coordination on my right side.
I have a hematologist who makes every effort to continue learning about the vast difference between homozygous and heterozygous because I’m homozygous which is rare.
Large doses of coumadin/warfarin
Find a support group. Even an online forum can help you find a way through.
Wearing surgical support stockings everyday.
Controlling my anxiety levels
See a hematologist and ask lots of questions