Taken Your time
My boyfriend Marco, who is in this flight against FAP with me...
FAP has made me a stronger person ,
I believe in myself
It's not what happens to you that determines how far you go in life; it's how you handle what happens to you
Had my surgeries at a very young age
Always find something to smile or laugh about - life is too short
January 2013 total colectomy with ileo - rectal anastamosis
Reducing my fibre intake, foods with no more than 3g per 100g
Life Your life
My parents, they are always there for me.
I have learn it is important to live life to the fullest , eat healthy and exercise.
I don't complain
Sick since I was 12. Diagnosed at 21. Surgery at 24
Had a great doctor
Share your story with anyone that will listen - you might be surprised
No polyp's since started on Aspirin
My CAT’s because they are there always for me, especially when I am feeling so sick,,,,
I have found family members because of this disease that I did not know and now have a bigger family.
I am strong and challenge my disease
Have been very lucky with my j-pouch
I really learned show my real friends are through this experience.
My wife is my rock who is always there to support me