Positive thinking through faith
vitamin D therapy
Support from other women who have suffered losses like mine.
having the molar pregnancy support fb page, even though I didn't join until 4 years after its been amazing support
My two little boys!
Stay positive! It may be hard but it helps.
lots of sleep
The Facebook page molar angels
The Facebook page molar angels
Duke University Medical Center
Ema-co from February 2007 until May 2007
Meeting others going through it helped me.
family and friends who are always there to listen
So much more thankful for the thing and people I do have.
Meeting a new friend in the hospital for my first week of chemo
Don't ever blame yourself for what happened
Be proactive in your own healthcare
Talking to other people about it.
Stay positive. Positivity is key!
Being in contact with other woman with similar experience.
Letting go
Support from family and friends
The support of my amazing partner
Be careful with drug reactions
Support groups
Listened to Cristian Songs from God for people who had cancer.
Having my emotional support animal Billy Rose
My husband who gave me the best support
Understanding the biology of the condition
4 months of Methotrexate
Smoking medicinal marijuana for severe aches and nausea.
Oil diffusing necklace
My son, who was 2 when I was diagnosed, kept me smiling and motivated throughout treatment.
stop fighting it and ride the wave
Positive thinking
Finding a doctor who communicates well has been critical.
My family and friends
Support from loved ones
Advocate for other women, raising awareness and funds for Dr. Goldstein's research
magnesium therapy
being 17 years old I blocked most of it out so having my mum was a huge help
God and his undying love!
Do what you can don't over do it. You'll make yourself to tired
Following the doc's orders
friends always making a meal
Utilized some herbal items along with physician related orders
Supportive staff at Charring cross hospital
Being able to conceive again (twice) really helped me get over it.
time to heal