I take Aripiprazole acts as an antagonist/inverse agonist to 5-HT2A at a Ki (nM) of 8.7 so it helps decrease the visuals though the level one trip still remains
5-Htp was quite useful sometimes
Tried many things but in the end they either didn't help or made it worse.
Going straight edge! No caffeine, alcohol or drugs.
Prozac + Ativan + Tianeptine (current combo)
Daily cannabis consumer
Getting out and living life - being around people that make me happy, having new experiences, not giving up
Eat healthy
Meditate, come to terms with your illusory symptoms in a calm environment.
Staying sober
Uso de clonazepam
Styding on courses and university or work
Dejar todo tipo de sustancias ayudó mucho
Self care is crucial. General management of stress and mental health is the best thing for me me in relation to staying on top of it
My diagnostic code is ICD-10-CM F16.183
Distraction - keeping busy is my most potent medication
Having a close group of friends help because they understand what sets it off and makes it worse.
Exercise! Physically and mentally.
My parents and my prospects of a future.
no drug no alcohol - healthy life - positive thinking
Meditation and therapy
Go out, have fun
I still use large doses of psychedelics, usually in combination with other psychedelics.
social life
selfcare & positivity
Todavía no se si noté cambios, pero si me acostumbré 100% a vivir con esto
Discontinue drug use
transcriptional activation of MAP kinase phosphatase-1, C/EBP-beta and ILAD-1
A positive attitude and acceptance of my condition brings relief
Learned to deal with it, still struggle every day with distortions.
Time! Over 5 years, severity of symptoms decreased dramatically to the point they are essentially a non-issue.
Don't givie up. Force yourself to do things and stay motivated.
go on in my life : study, work, relationship...
While the visual symptoms have not subsided, accepting that it can't hurt me and is only my vision has helped my outlook and happiness levels so much
Discontinue all drug use
My one complaint about HPPD is that i have terrible night vision.
Me afastar de alucinógenos
do art
Excersize and socializing
Podes estudiar, trabajar, vivir! no tengas miedo, no estas solo!