I take Aripiprazole acts as an antagonist/inverse agonist to 5-HT2A at a Ki (nM) of 8.7 so it helps decrease the visuals though the level one trip still remains
5-Htp was quite useful sometimes
Tried many things but in the end they either didn't help or made it worse.
Going straight edge! No caffeine, alcohol or drugs.
Prozac + Ativan + Tianeptine (current combo)
Daily cannabis consumer
Eat healthy
Meditate, come to terms with your illusory symptoms in a calm environment.
My diagnostic code is ICD-10-CM F16.183
Distraction - keeping busy is my most potent medication
Having a close group of friends help because they understand what sets it off and makes it worse.
Exercise! Physically and mentally.
My parents and my prospects of a future.
no drug no alcohol - healthy life - positive thinking
Go out, have fun
I still use large doses of psychedelics, usually in combination with other psychedelics.
transcriptional activation of MAP kinase phosphatase-1, C/EBP-beta and ILAD-1
A positive attitude and acceptance of my condition brings relief
Learned to deal with it, still struggle every day with distortions.
Time! Over 5 years, severity of symptoms decreased dramatically to the point they are essentially a non-issue.
Don't givie up. Force yourself to do things and stay motivated.
go on in my life : study, work, relationship...
Discontinue all drug use
My one complaint about HPPD is that i have terrible night vision.