Calcium Tabletten helfen - aber immer mit Vitamin K und D.
Iron infusions offer symptom free gain of iron in my blood. Better than iron pills.
Taking tranexamic acid for several months
Type of HHT
Eating a diet low in salicylates.
Take 325mg iron 3xs a week
Tranexamic Acid has made a huge difference in my nosebleeds
Avastin infusions
The St. Antonius hospital in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands is the centre of excellence for HHT.
finally being taken serious.
2 keer geopereerd aan mijn longen om PAVM's dicht te maken
Iron infusions
I had the Youngs procedure 4 your ago , totally changed my live
Calming myself with meditation when having a nosebleed.
The website and the HHT Facebook groups are hugely supportive
The support of the HHT Center in NC
Where it affects me
My Husband
Iron supplements
My Mom
Avoiding certain foods that trigger bleeds
Bepanten ointment into both nostrils applications
Regular exercise
Dr. Disch of the St. Antonius hospital gave me years ago the Saunders plastic.
Een partner die mij steunt
Staying away from trigger foods
The use of Afrin or its equivalent along with proper pressure technique to stop a bleed.
Tranexamic gel for nose on a daily basis is making a real difference.
The loving support of my husband
How it can affects each person differently
Watching what I eat
Colostrum supplements.
Tea bags to stop tongue and lip bleeds & hemroid cream to stop nose bleeds
Getting transfused enough, because the higher my blood is, the less nosebleeds I get
day regimen and healthy food
Minimizing salycylate acid in my diet
Examination for food allergy gave positieve results. Recent experiences: CBD-oil (Canabidiol, 4%), 4 times aday 2 to 3 drops under my tongue has reduced the amount of nose bleedings with the rsult that my Hb now is at a good level.
Aloe Vera waardoor ik meer energie heb
Not having hot showers!
Chinese medicine remedy Gui Pi Wan appears to have been helpful, along with avoiding trigger foods.