Using baclavan
Stretching as much as possible. With HSP, most cases, your legs will stay tightened up and periodical stretching helps to relieve some of the associated discomfort.
I have HSP it does not have me.
Mi madre y mi padre son mis angeles
Gabapentin has relieved leg pain during the night.
physio - daily physio helps me
Hot baths on cold days
support of my mother
Stretching daily
Positive Attitude
Wearing leg braces
I began wearing AFOs.
Support group on Facebook
Mental attitude, living in the present and not focusing on symptoms
ITB and med mgmt
my mum always told me that no ones perfect
1 asprin daily
Positive, determined attitude
I had an intrathecal baclofen pump surgically implanted in my body to decrease the spasticity as much as possible.
El ejercicio fisico de manera regular
attitude even when your days are bad keep a positive attitude
Every fall that he gets back up from only makes him stronger
Krill oil
Falling in love
Ser persistente para encontrar pronto el diagnóstico
Physical Therapy
trying to improve my life by going back to school even if I don't succeed I will have at least given it a try
Han tardado 8 años en fiagnisticar
My husband he is always there for me
Baclofen. Most are 50-50 on whether to have the spinal pump or take it in pill form. It is a muscle relaxer but after time goes by, it has in my case only taken the edge off the cramping and has not completely relieved of it.
I have grandchildren that need me.
espero encontrar orientación por aca ya que aqui soy caso unico
Stretching exercises all over but especially leg stretches.
medication - taking my muscle relaxants at the correct times
A great support system of friends and family
Looking at my children