uso en ocaciones perpirex y me calma la sudoracion axilar
Diet - Removing foods thats where toxic to my body
Bromhidrosis plantar controlada con acido Fusidico
Iontophoresis is a life charger...seriously try it
Usibg Transpiblock and Face Saver Gel made my facial HH definetly more bearable.
I moved to a different state for the cooler climate
Intentos con productos tópicos sin resultados concretos
Usar Driclor e M&P Dry me ajuda bastante. Não é 100%.
God: my faith has gotten me through the worst pain I've ever felt, and my ongoing chronic pain, illness, and disability.
uso driskyn en manos y pies aunque no me funcione muy bien, me calma la sudoración un 10%
Ionized Foot Detox - Clean unwanted mineral Toxins from my body
Being aware of my disorder and having support from friends/family that are knowledgeable and patient
Bromhidrosis plantar controlada con cefadroxilo
Doing my own research and not taking doctor's words as absolute truth
Not eating carbs and cutting out alcohol from my diet.
Surrounded myself with people who support me
Ayuda familiar imprescindible
Verão é melhor pra mim, pois uso menos roupas e não fico molhada e gelada, apenas molhada.
Art: making jewelry, home accessories, computer graphics, drawing, painting (although the last two are limited by my disabling conditions).
trato de comunicar de mi enfermedad a mis amigos y conocidos para que no me vean tan mal
Family - Support from my family to help me when times are tough
Reminding myself to take it one day at a time; and that not every day is going to be great but I'm grateful for my life
Urea 10% o 40 % y baños de sal marina son buenos coadyuvantes y suman calidad de vida
Being upfront about my condition when meeting new people
Having great friends who accept me as I am.
Learning to love myself the way I am and realising that being happy within is the most important thing.
Cirugía la única solución definitiva, es mi caso
Saber que o SUS dá a cirurgia de graça me deixou com esperanças.
Family: they support me and help care for me; and of course, they love me and I them. That makes a big impact.