Proper sleep and diet
Removed excess stress from my life
LP shunt saved my life
Have a programmable LP Shunt. Limited effectiveness.
VP Shunt gave back most of my vision
LP Shunt 16 years in situ
1500 mg diamox each day
3 rounds of acetazolamide
Loosing weight
Loosing weight
Lower stress level
Time and Love with my pets
Family support.
My Lumbar-Periotoneal Shunt has made a HUGE difference..
My Vp Shunt
VP Shunt
faith, family, husband
My lp shunt saved my life and vision.
Had IIH 19 years
My son always being there when I feel really bad.
Stent November 2015
Sunglasses! To handle photosensitivity.
Not consuming products with chemicals or preservatives
Essential Oils
Diamox sequels are better than tablets
Don't get overly tired or stressed. Both increase my pressure
Bendroflumethiazide, I have taken this for the past 31 years, it helps to reduce the fluid in my body, Gabapentin is a good neuropathic pain killer to.
lost 35 kg weight
not taking to much on
Finding out as much information as I could, don't be afraid to ask questions, support groups really saved me.
Support Groups are amazing & a must!
Ice pack
My friends that understand my diagnosises
Getting plenty of rest
Magnetic therapy bracelet
Sleeping pills so I can stay asleep at night.
The patch i use has been better with the pain. It helps when i feel less pain.
Deus, a fé
Accepting the need for regular pain medication
Single mom of 2 wonderful kids!
Being an advocate for my self not allowing doctors to belittle me
Lumbar Punctures
Swimming makes me feel better, the water cools me down and floating in the water takes the pressure off my head.
Lasix 50mg has helped a bit in the last few months