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Kernicterus life expectancy

What is the life expectancy of someone with Kernicterus?

Is Kernicterus contagious?

Is Kernicterus contagious?

ICD9 and ICD10 codes of Kernicterus

ICD10 code of Kernicterus and ICD9 code

Is Kernicterus hereditary?

Is Kernicterus hereditary?

Stories of Kernicterus

Kernicterus stories
Angel Estaben producto de madre de 42 años, nace por cesaria, apgar 9-10 peso 3300  a las 48 horas de vida presenta hiperbilirrubinemia. A las pocas horas de nacer inicia una lucha y sufre ecefalopatia hiperbilirrubinemica, requiere de d...
Kernicterus stories
Jaundice can do that.  I tell people this now - what we only wish we could have known.  Mismanaged jaundice forever altered my baby boy's life. It wasn't until he was dying, with a slew of people rushing around him in the ICU, that they beg...
Kernicterus stories
my baby was born and had bilirubin levels of 301. Treatment was delayed due to lack of awareness and was treated with phototherapy. He had an undiagnosed urine infection ad was unable to clear the toxin. No diagnosis as yet. No one wants to discuss i...
Kernicterus stories
Copied and pasted from my Facebook just for you. :P  I am a more mild case so while I'll anwser your questions to the best of my ability I don't know everything.   Hello guys! I just joined and thought it was about time that I introduced...

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Statistics of Kernicterus

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