using coconut milk when i am having a bout of Lichen planus
25mg Predisolone Tablets - 1 daily for 2 weeks
cutting out gluten re celiac.going dairy free helped my EOLP
I started yoga; eating healthy and excercising
Anti-Histamine !
Husband going back to work
Knowing WHAT was wrong with me...getting a final, accurate diagnosis.
Loratadina todos os dias.
Using children's toothpaste.
the lichen planus is gone
Coconut oil helps a little with the itch and really helps with the dry skin
Finding foods that exacerbate condition and avoiding
Plenical Herbal Remedy......... after 5 days I fell for 90% better.
chá verde
Natural remedy / oil pulling with coconutoil / clove and teatreeoil
Knowing that I can talk to other people on Social Media
Procuro não ficar nervosa, ansiosa, estressada.
eliminating spicy food
Eliminate all Sugar from diet
Whatcing what I eat
Clobetasol for Flare ups, Triamcinolone for maintenance
Coconut oil, aloe Vera toothpaste
Photo therapy helped me get better
Finding this group has been a life line. I no longer feel alone with this awful disease
Quarterly dental cleaning
Gluten free diet
Not eating tomatoes really seems to help my OLP
Drinking ACV
Try to avoid extremes of any kind: temperatures, movements, activities, numbers of people etc. I have a lot of trouble with temperature, esp. hot and humid weather in summer, so I go out for fresh air for just an hour or two only in the early morning and/
Estar tranquila
6months on Doxycycline reduced inflamation
Avoid Stress
Organic Coconut Oil
Don't eat meat from pigs
2 tears of neotigason and antihistamine
Following a diet free of gluten, lectins, rice, sugar, dairy
nothing has worked
e mejorado en un 100% con la Auto Hemoterapia
Don't feel alone. This may be a rare cancer but there's someone near you who understands… I promise!
My first bout was slight in 2007
Oxazepam to sleep at night
not eating or drinking acidic foods/drinks
Cortisone cream all over straight after a shower
keeping stress to a minimum
I started to learn what triggers my illness; stress and spicy foods