Kimovi creme with salt for when attacks come.
Finding this group has been a life line. I no longer feel alone with this awful disease
Try to avoid extremes of any kind: temperatures, movements, activities, numbers of people etc. I have a lot of trouble with temperature, esp. hot and humid weather in summer, so I go out for fresh air for just an hour or two only in the early morning and/
After loading doses, monthly injections.
Estrace and clobetasol
Specialistische behandeling
Talk to other patients with LS
Support groups
Educate yourself, try to understand what is happening to you so you can avoid hurdles
Regular follow up
Never, ever dry out. Any kind of moisturizer is good. Coconut oil, olive oil, etc.
Clobetasol Ointment
Getting rid of my Ex after 17 miserable years
Support groups
I have been using clob since diagnosed and Premarin 2x a week
Borax soaks
Adequate sleep
Decreasing stress level
When I can follow the autoimmune protocol (diet)
using emuaid has greatly improved my condition
Eating less sugar.
Recognising I have thrush
Lowered Stress
The steroid cream
Cut out wheat and refined sugars completely.
Steroid ointment
Connecting with others that have the same condition
Cleaning up diet, removing intolerances, going organic, supplements
Bathing the area daily with water diluted with borax - wonder drug for me
Halobetasol ointment
Finding doctors who are familiar and knowledgeable about the conditon has allowed me my life back.
Being seen at Royal Free Hospital
Clobetasol propionate
Using steriod ointment
I have found a groups and joined it’s always nice to know your not alone
Using a strong topical steroid
I have a supportive husband.
Skirts without undies and no undies at night
Joining Facebook support groups have really helped me by connecting me with people who get it.
Borax soaks
Clobetasol when I have a flare. Then 2 times weekly as maintenance.
Improving diet
Clobetasol Ointment (not cream)