Consumir alimentos sin gluten ni lactosa.
Rifampicine & Minocicline & Doxicline for over a year
Oral and IV antibiotics for more than one year and a half (doxicicline, azitromicine, claritromicine, Ceftriaxone, etc) and reduced Cowden protocol (Samento, Cumanda, Banderol)
antibiotics and antimalarials
3 miesiące leczenia ILADS
Accepting that I am not who I used to be (pre-Lyme).
Doug Coil
IV antibiotics
Getting a Rollator
Artemisinin & Morus Alba
Medical mj
Traditional Chinese Medicine, Young Living essential oils and supplements, Bio K Plus fermented rice probiotic, Kombucha
2 months Doxy, IV Ceft and Buhner
1 year of the Buhner protocol with 2 months of Doxycycline
Accepting my illness and becoming willing to adapt my life to it, so making radical changes within my means. e.g. I no longer plan more than one thing a day! Changing my diet to combat Candida (leave out wheat, milk products and sugar). I don't do it reli
IV antibiotics (Zithromax and Flagyl)
Apitherapy - Bee venom therapy (BVT) from live honeybees - So fantastic that I am considering taking a course for apitherapy to help others
A good psychotherapist.
IV Chlyndomycin, Invanz
28 days 400mg of doxycyline
Read my story on my blog:
A threathment where i can be 100% sure i'm doing the right thing
Ceftriaxion infuse was very good!
picc line
Antiparasitarios una dosis baja cada semana por varios AÑOS! Ivermectina, Flagyl, Albendazol
Balance of social activities and rest
Tratamiento KDM
Finding a LYME LITERATE doctor. Being misdignosed for 7 years by allopathic doctors who were each asked mutiple timesEvery allopathic doctor was asked multiple times if this was LYME DISEASE and they all said "No".
IV antibiotics
Others believing me
Natural remedies
Detoxing is critical if you are going to feel better
Eliminating dairy, and gluten. Restrict sugar intake.
Learning everything I could about Lyme disease.
IV Rocephin was a game changer for me.
3 years of seeing a LLMD
finding an integrative MD who addressed all issues Late Stage Lyme caused
avoiding alcohol
plus aucun traitement chimique
Finding a Lyme Literate MD
sticking with a good doctor
One year PICC with Rocephin